About Us


The Company

Electricity company Dima Group was founded in 2019 with its office at Nieuwstraat 18, 2830 Willebroek.

Dima Group takes care of the preparation, installation and installation of electrical installations.Our experienced team of electricians works in a professional manner and has extensive knowledge in all areas. aspects of electricity.

Today Dima Group has about 50 employees where they carry out yards throughout Belgium.

In addition, Dima Group has expanded to import and sell lighting systems throughout Europe. With a beautiful showroom, sales space, Dima Group offers total solution to its customers.

Today Dima Group supplies electricity works, among others. Connecting signs, placing cable trays, pulling cables, placing lighting.

In addition, Dima Group has started to market various types of lighting systems where they can deliver the purchased goods throughout Europe and offer after-sales service for the installation of the purchased lighting systems.