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Today, businesses are exploring new ways to increase employee productivity and well-being while focusing on energy savings, improved operational efficiency and space optimization.

Lighting Systems

Dima Group produces professional solutions for lighting systems. You can choose us for your general electrical works and bulk product purchases in all sectors.


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Support Productivity

Increasing vitality, supporting health and increasing performance with light.

Transform Environments

with dynamic, controllable color, white and full spectrum light.

Reduce Costs

Use energy-efficient lighting only where and when you need it.

Create Shine

Surprise and surprise with large full color alternating light shows.

Beautiful Cities

Beautifully illuminated building facades, monuments, bridges and roads,

Smooth and Energized

Create an advanced healing, make people feel at home.

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High Voltage Cabins

Energy transmission lines generally; These are the conveying lines that are built in accordance with the standards, that enable the transmission of the generated electrical energy to distant points, consisting of material groups such as poles with different construction structures, conductors, grounding equipment, hardware sets and insulator equipment. From the electrical point of view, energy transmission lines are characterized by line parameters and lengths. As with all sinusoidal alternating current conductors, energy transmission air lines also have ohmic resistance, inductance, capacity coefficients, briefly R-L-C line constants.

The ohmic resistance of power transmission lines is greater than direct current resistance, which is due to the skin effect phenomenon. On the other hand, because of the fluxes ringed by the currents flowing from neighboring conductors, the self and mutual inductances of the phase conductors occur. Since working with sinusoidal alternating current, the definition of inductive reactance, which is a function of the network frequency, is used instead of the term inductance. The ohmic resistance and inductive reactance of the line are considered to be connected in series and the characterization of the line is performed by impedance, which is the series sum of these two quantities.

Maintenance and repair

The factory electrical installation may cause the need for factory electrical repair for various reasons. This need may arise as a result of encountering problems or may arise in lines to be opened or changed. In cases such as changes in the factory layout, electrical systems must be renewed, changed and made suitable for the operation of the necessary devices or machines.

You can get support for the installation and repair of the electrical wiring by getting service from our company for the installation of factory electrical wiring and repair of the factory electrical failure. We ensure that you get the best service with our expert teams and adequate facilities. With our special teams for timely intervention, you can always contact us and get the necessary services for the quick solution of the problems you experience.

Wholesale and Retail Sales

Dima Group offers you wholesale and retail products with a wide range of products from various brands.



With its wide range of products, Dima Group offers special solutions for use in homes, offices and buildings with sockets that are suitable for all needs and that provide the necessary electrical energy transfer for the operation of the devices. The sockets that provide advantages with ease in cable distribution, decoration in appearance, and the possibility of having more than one outlet are divided into classes such as flush mounted, surface mounted, moist place and grounded, non-earthed, ups.


Our company, which follows the current developments in the sector, is one of the most preferred brands in the market with the increase in the use of LEDs, which are among the lighting systems, which are the reason for their many advantages such as being environmentally friendly and economical, as well as spotlights with thousands of indoor and outdoor lighting tools, It has many products such as recessed and surface mounted luminaires, waterproof luminaires, emergency lighting, rail spotlights, floodlights, led panels, led bulbs, etc.


All equipment that switches, controls and protects electrical circuits is called switchgear. You can contact our customer representatives at our phone numbers to get detailed information from our company, which includes switch material products such as fuses, residual current relays, contactors, thermics, compact and pacco switches named by the most preferred brands.

Electrical work

Thanks to Dima Group, you can meet almost every need for electrical modification and installation with reliable and permanent solutions. Our company produces completely customized solutions for your electrical installation projects and by determining the best quality electrical materials for your budget, we offer long-lasting installation systems to your home and workplace.

Electrical work

Who is Dima Group?

Dima Group takes care of the preparation, installation and installation of electrical installations.Also extending the conformity of your electrical installation is one of the possibilities.Our experienced team of electricians works in a professional manner and has extensive knowledge in all aspects of electricity.

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